“Can I Still Have My Lightsaber Back Though?”

Jenny Nicholson as ‘Luke Skywalker’ in “If Rey is a Skywalker”So, t’other day I was searching through various online name generators, when I discovered the YouTube channel of a young “video maker and amateur theme park fan” named Jenny Nicholson. The clip that drew my attention, “How To Make Up Star Wars Names”, is pretty short and mostly just consists of her reciting ridiculous names to camera, but she has such great delivery that I quickly became hooked on her sweet-but-snarky skits. Some of the older ones are a little outdated now, as she rips into fan theories about then-upcoming movies, which have since been proven/disproven by the actual releases (such as “If Rey is a Skywalker”), but even those vids are worth watching for her hilarious performances as multiple conversing characters. The, uh, “production values” leave a little to be desired*, but the writing and comic-timing are top-notch, and her critiques of plot-holes and inconsistencies are so sharp, she’ll make you side-eye all your favourite franchises… but in a fun way! At the time of writing, her channel had nearly 300,000 subscribers, and that doesn’t surprise me at all… she deserves every last one of them, and plenty more besides! Surely it’s only a matter of time before “Jimmy Scrambles” and “Robo-Legs McLachlan” make it into the Star Wars canon…?

P.S. Apparently she also wrote an article for the Playboy website about “The Secret Sex Lives of Muppets”. M’kay…


* To be fair, the paper beard she wore as an older ‘Luke Skywalker’ was pretty adorable…

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