Yui, Adieu

Yui Mizuno (aka “Yuimetal”) circa 2015Suspicions were raised when the video for Babymetal’s new single “Distortion” was released in May without a proper shot of the band members in it, and all but confirmed by her absence from the American and European festival tours, but now it’s been officially announced: Yui Mizuno (aka “Yuimetal”) has split from the group, and is now hoping to pursue a solo career. To be honest, I’ve been a little concerned for her safety ever since learning about her accident during the Live at Budokan: Red Night show, so this news almost came as a relief to me! In theory they could decide to replace her with another graduate of the Sakura Gakuin idol academy that originally launched them, but it seems as though Su-Metal and Moametal are going to soldier on as a two-piece for now (plus the backing band, obvs.) So, best of luck (and health) to all of them, as they walk their separate paths. The new-new single, “Starlight”, sounds pretty awesome… though the video is kinda blah, with some random post-apocalyptic-types screaming in a desert, and no sign of our heroines… unless that’s supposed to be their eyeballs at the very end…?

Meanwhile, I remain perplexed/annoyed by the fact that the band still haven’t released a DVD of their 2016 Live at Wembley gig in the country that actually hosted it! All we got was a live CD, which is nice and all, but, again, they’re such a visual act that it’s hard not to feel a little cheated when the music isn’t accompanied by dazzling/dizzying dance moves…


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