Susan Sarandon and Sara Le Roy at the Le Roy Art Gallery, Brighton (11/18)A former shipmate of mine, up-and-coming artist Sara Le Roy, recently opened a gallery in Brighton to showcase her remarkable anaglyph 3D paintings, and she’s already attracted an A-list customer… the actual actress Susan Sarandon, who is in town to shoot a movie, and stopped-by (with a couple crew-members) to buy “a few pieces” from the collection. Hurrah!

In case you’re curious, the Le Roy Art Gallery is situated in central Brighton, at 1 Bond Street Cottages, open Friday to Sunday (10am–6pm)… and it’s well worth a look even when it’s closed, because Sara has painstakingly decorated the exterior with a stunning mural of spooky/psychedelic imagery… though obviously it would be better all around if you waited until it was open, so you could go inside…

Update (12/11/18): Apparently Sarandon returned for a second visit a couple days later, and bought more art, earning Sara a write-up in the local newspaper!

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