Kitty In The Middle

The Lounge Kittens in "The Middle"The Lounge Kittens have released the first video from their forthcoming fan-funded E.P., a cover of Jimmy Eat World’s “The Middle”… which is filmed in a fancy 360º format, so that you can literally/virtually stand in the middle of them, as they surround and sing at you! Besides the gorgeous harmonising (and mouth/air-guitar-ing), I also appreciate the uplifting message that this song carries: We’re not at the end (of our lives, or the world, or whatever), but merely “in the middle”, and there’s still plenty time to make things right, and pull up out of the nose-dive. I don’t know whether that’s true or not, but in these cold, dark, lonely days, it’s nice to have some flickering embers of hope to warm our hearts over… so bless ‘em for that… and Jimmy Eat World too, of course…*


* Fun fact: According to Wikipedia, the band wrote this song after they’d been dropped by their record label, and had to self-finance the recording of a new album… which then went on to sell 1.6 million copies!

UPDATE (26/1/19): Due to some behind-the-scenes snafus at PledgeMusic, TLK are now recommending that fans buy items/perks directly from their online store, rather than through the crowdfunding page, as the money will then go directly to the band, without any unnecessary worries/delays.

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