“It’s A Fight In My Mouth!”

Kate McCartney and Kate McLennan as ‘versions of themselves’ in “Get Krack!n” (S2)Get Krack!n, the scathing Aussie satire of banal breakfast television, returned for a second season this week, catching up with its road-weary (and very sweary) presenters Kate McCartney and Kate McLennan on the last stop of their three-month-long “We Bloody Love Australia!” tour… a sentiment slightly undermined by McCartney‘s defamatory digression on the state of their nation: “So much to be proud of… I mean, we have a racist border protection policy, we cannot acknowledge the ongoing trauma caused by our genocidal past, toxic masculinity’s killing our women, capitalist greed is destroying our planet, and the internet speed is shit… but we bloody love Australia!” Bless. Clearly the prolonged separation from their friends/families, compulsory early-morning samplings of regional “delicacies”, and perverse requests of local sponsors (in this case a foot-fetishist) have taken a toll on their morale, not to mention their sanity, as they’re once again held hostage by the cameras, and forced to grin-and-bear-it through round-after-round of “unprompted fun”. Apparently not even the threat of a catastrophic “weather event” could earn them an early reprieve from their painfully-exposed paddleboat-based purgatory.

Kate McLennan and Kate McCartney as ‘versions of themselves’ in “Get Krack!n” (S2)Besides being extremely funny, and proudly “woke”, this premiere also proved to be quite educational, explaining the importance/purpose of “mulesing” (i.e., the removal of strips of wool from around the anus of a sheep to prevent parasitic infection), and also featured a map of “colonial frontier” massacres (of Indigenous Australians) briefly during a technical glitch… which I only spotted because I watch every episode through a second time to freeze-frame the “kaptions” that flash up on-screen to identify guests or whet-the-appetite for up-coming segments (such as “How to identify and support your local neighbourhood goth”!). The show is so densely-packed with gags and asides that it usually takes a couple more passes to absorb/appreciate everything, and considering the hyper-verbal hysteria that the stars have to summon up and sustain every week, it must be an incredibly intense and exhausting production process… so let me just say, without any reservation or sarcasm, that I bloody love The Kates!

I’m also very fond of Anne Edmonds, who plays increasingly unfocussed/unbalanced “krackspert” ‘Helen Bidou’, a character that recently spun-off into a critically-acclaimed/award-winning live show titled “Enter the Spinnaker Lounge”. What a terrifying-but-fun (terrifunning?) experience that must be for the audience…

UPDATE (17/2/19): According to this ever-so-slightly-mutinous announcement, all existing episodes of Get Krack!n are now available to view via iTunes, in America, Britland, and Kanada! Hurrah!

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