“Mondo Trasho! Mondo Trasho!”

Aubrey Plaza in "The Cold Open" @ The Film Independent Spirit Awards 2019This year the Film Independent Spirit Awards has really put the Oscars to shame by not only having a host, but also booking the bestest/witchiest host of all: Aubrey Plaza!

I didn’t watch the event itself, but thankfully plenty clips have been posted on YouTube for all to enjoy, most notably an ice-breaking skit in which our heroine corrals a coven of awesome actresses (including Hall-of-Fame Goth icon Christina Ricci) to help her perform a ritual sacrifice, so that she might become possessed by “the Film Independent Spirit Awards spirit”. Besides being hilarious, and making me pine for a feature-length collaboration between Plaza and Ricci, it also kinda reminded me of John Waters’s Cecil B. DeMented (one of my fave films of all-time), so I wasn’t too surprised to see the man himself get a shout-out and cameo during Plaza’s roasty opening monologue. Tilda Swinton‘s cutaway on the other hand was a definite curveball…

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