Back To Burn

L7: Donita Sparks, Suzi Gardner, Dee Plakas, and Jennifer Finch (circa 2017)The (alleged?) financial irregularities at PledgeMusic have left many bands (and their supporters) in the lurch, and I was beginning to get a little worried about the relative lack of updates/reassurance coming from L7’s corner of the interweb… but I needn’t have feared, because it’s just been announced that their new album, Scatter the Rats, will be released on May 3rd, via Joan Jett’s Blackheart Records label! Hurrah! They already have a new video out for lead single “Burn Baby”, directed by Courtney & Hillary Andujar (aka “The Andujar Twins”), and are getting plenty positive press ahead of their forthcoming tour… as well they should!

Fun fact: In a recent interview to promote the imminent Captain Marvel movie, Brie Larson confessed to listening to a lot of L7 and Bikini Kill to pump herself up for the fight scenes! Good to know. Incidentally, Larson is no stranger to the recording-studio either, having released a solo album back in 2005, the title of which expressed her highy-relatable relief that after leaving school she was “Finally Out of P.E.” Amen, sister!

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