Susannah Flood as ‘Kate Littlejohn’ in "For the People" (S2)Hey, lookit, zippy courtroom drama For the People is back on “our” screens for a second season! I honestly thought this show had been cancelled already, but I’m glad to be proved wrong. My gripes with the two-sides-to-every-story premise remain (in short: too-much-plot-dashed-through-in-too-little-time), but it does still make for consistently engaging supper-time viewing, while scratching my armchair-legal-eagle itch, so count me in for another go-round.

For a while last year I actually used a photo of ace-attorney ‘Kate Littlejohn’ (Susannah Flood) as my desktop wallpaper, but my admiration for her has been undermined somewhat by the soapy romantic entanglements they saddled her with towards the end of the season… and sadly these are still present and (in)correct in this week’s premiere episode (which involved a deadly “swatting” attack, in case you were wondering about the punny post title)… but Flood is such a captivating actress that I can’t help wishing (once again) that the prosecutors had their own separate show, with her as the lead and Olivia Sandoval promoted to co-star/mentor-status (as opposed to a blink-and-you’ll-miss-her office-mate, as she currently is). Sigh…

Oh, and a shout-out to Zibby Allen, who played the casually-criminal slacker ‘Holiday Colgate’ in this week’s B-story… in a show filled with sharp suits and booksmart minds, it was nice to have a dopey pyjama-pants-wearing idler to identify with/crush on. And I agree that her parents are partly to blame for her unemployability, having cursed their daughter with a name that makes her sound like a festive brand of toothpaste…

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