W.T.F. R.L.!?

Bailey Meyers in "GooseDrunks: Monster Blood (Part 2)"Having exhausted/thoroughly-enjoyed all of the videos on Jenny Nicholson’s main YouTube channel, I started exploring some of her “deeper cuts”, such as Star-Wars-themed-talk-show Millennial Falcon and “fake fangirl” skit trilogy Con Artists, which have now led to me developing a parallel crush on her long-time collaborator/bestie Bailey Meyers.

Besides their joint-projects, Bailey has her very own (NSFW) YouTube channel, GooseDrunks, where she reads/summarises old Goosebumps (children’s horror) books, while taking a drink anytime anything stupid and/or genuinely spooky happens! Her increasingly-tipsy contempt for author R.L. Stine’s character/narrative choices is hilarious, and her “Don’t blame me, blame the book!” drinking face is super-adorable, so I’d definitely recommend these vids to anyone looking for a virtual booze-buddy to while away a (very) “happy hour”* with… and I’m saying/writing that as someone who’s never read a Goosebumps book in his life, and has absolutely zero interest in them beyond their upcycled value as fodder for her hate-reading…

* Technically 20-45 minutes, but who’s counting…?

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