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My new/sealed (but totally fake) copy of Sophie Ellis-Bextor’s “Make A Scene”Although I’ve been trying to curb my online spending lately, when I saw a new/sealed copy of Sophie Ellis-Bextor’s album Make A Scene going for half-price on eBay, I couldn’t resist snapping it up (partly because of the price, and partly because my willpower was already greatly reduced by the gorgeous cover photo). When the CD arrived, everything looked kosher until I broke the seal and opened the lyrics booklet for a read… at first I was chuckling at the occasional typo, and frowning over what I perceived as minor discrepancies between the words I’ve always thought I heard and the “official” transcription, but then the errors grew more glaring, and a couple songs were awkwardly bisected by the web-addresses of the user-edited lyric sites that the text had been lazily copy-and-pasted from, and that’s when I realised that I’d been sold a cheap-ass bootleg. Pesky!

A page from the lyrics booklet of my totally fake copy of Sophie Ellis-Bextor’s “Make A Scene”To be fair, I generally make out like a bandit on eBay, so I can’t really be too upset with the site, or the seller (who mostly deals in random second-hand bric-a-brac, and doesn’t strike me as a high-rolling international counterfeiter)… I can’t even be bothered starting a case against them, because, as I say, it was sealed and looked totally authentic on the face of it. Plus, I kinda like the idea of keeping it in my collection as a “curiosity”… though obviously as a fan of Mr. Robot, I doubt I’ll ever risk putting it into my computer’s disc drive!

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