S-E-B Oversight

I was shocked to discover that yesterday’s “pirate” CD post was actually the first time I’d ever even mentioned Sophie Ellis-Bextor on this blog!

Sophie Ellis-Bextor circa 2019For the record, I’ve had a major crush on her since the mid-1990s, when she was fronting an indie-rock band called Theaudience, who I “discovered” after being mesmerised by one of their promo posters on a record shop wall… it was basically just a massive close-up of her face, which was a very smart call on the part of the designer! Although their lyrics were a little cringe-worthy at times, her delivery made them seem a lot less ungainly/silly than they might read on the page, and the tunes were quite catchy, so they’ve stuck with me ever since, bless ’em. Still, I was glad when she went solo, and found a dancier/poppier groove (as well as making more of a contribution on the writing side of things)… besides the uplifting/ear-wormy music, her promo-videos are reliably glamorous/humorous, and she’s always been an exceptionally charming and witty personality. I even tried watching Strictly Come Dancing when she was a contestant, but everyone seemed compelled to make jokey “Murder on the Dancefloor” references all the way through the first episode, so I tapped out early… though apparently she made it all the way to Week 13 (aka The Final) before she was eliminated!

So, er, yes… I’m a big fan of hers, and I straight-up adore her voice (and the vocal nuances she brings to everything she sings)*, but sadly I’m also a terrible cheapskate, which is why I don’t already own her entire back catalogue in multiple formats… *ahem*… but I did pick up her latest album, The Song Diaries, shortly after its release a couple months back. It’s a “greatest hits” compilation, featuring all new recordings of some of her best-known songs, reworked with a full orchestra, and it is absolutely lush, imho.


* I was going to compare it to “a fluttering golden buttterfly”, but thought that might be a bit over-the-top…?

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