“What’s The Camera For?”

Lou Sanders competing in "Taskmaster" (S8)Quirky-celebrity-challenge-show Taskmaster returned for a very welcome eighth “season” this week, and judging by the first episode it’s still one of the most reliably/painfully funny things on British TV by a long mile*… I was literally crying with laughter over Joe Thomas’s (deeply disturbing) ventriloquist act, and was greatly impressed by Lou Sanders’s tactical thinking (and ready wit, of course… but she is a professional comedian/writer**, so that should be a given).

I wasn’t too familiar with the actress Sian Gibson before this, but she acquitted herself very well… and her request to keep playing the hide-and-spot game even after she’d lost was very sweet, so I’ll be cheering for her too… but in the imaginary betting shop of my mind, I’m backing Sanders to win.
* Despite my long-standing disapproval of the gender imbalance and uneven teams.
** Checking her IMDb page led me to Elderflower, an amusing (but NSFW) short film she co-wrote with Hannah George, in which Sanders plays the upbeat new owner of an established flower-shop, which (unbeknownst to her) previously served as the front for a brothel…!

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