“What Is There Left To Hope For?”

Susannah Flood as ‘Kate Littlejohn’ in "For the People" (S2)Whoops! Clearly I shouldn’t have mentioned “cancellation” in my last post about For the People, because it looks like I jinxed it! The show won’t be returning for a third season next year (or ever, in fact), but fans can take some comfort in the fact they went out on a strong finale, with a stirring pro-democracy speech from ‘Kate Little john’ (Susannah Flood), and not-one-but-two adorable odd-couples enjoying heart-warming after-work smooches… so the show did have a “happy ending” of sorts, without any pesky cliff-hangers to nag away at us for the rest of eternity. Heck, they even gave Olivia Sandoval a full 20 seconds of screen-time*, so… yeah… what more could you ask for?** At the end of the day, the show didn’t lack for talent or spirit or smarts, they simply didn’t attract enough eyeballs to stay on the air… in other words, it may have been “for the people”, but the people weren’t for it.
* Weirdly her character appeared in response to a call to “release the hounds”, which seems pretty unflattering to me, but what’s Sandoval gonna do? Threaten to quit? That ship has already sunk…

** Besides the Flood/Sandoval spin-off I floated last time, I mean…

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