Patti Harrison a la “Full Frontal With Samantha Bee” (6/19)Although IMDb informs me that I’ve seen her in several shows before, I didn’t really “discover” the comedian Patti Harrison until earlier this week, when Full Frontal with Samantha Bee drafted her in to present a field-piece on the history of Pride Month, and the central role that Transgender women-of-colour played during the “Stonewall Riots” of 1969. I thought she was hilariously acerbic, and super-cute to boot, so I started searching for more clips of her, and found that she’s posted (approximately) a gazillion skits on YouTube!

Highlights (so far) include the bizarre dating-at-a-dog-show “Barkchelorette” parody… a series of cliché-shredding interviews with other Trans women, during which she half-heartedly attempts to turn them “cis” again with “convers(at)ion therapy”(!?)… and Unsend, the bitchier-than-thou social-media-mocking web-show she co-hosted with Joel Kim Booster. Her performance of an unsolicited song submission for Dua Lipa is also something to behold! So, yeah… I’ve become an adoring fan of her acidic* style of humour in a remarkably short space of time, and hope to see much, much more of her in future…

The Phluid Project's "Pride by Patti" Tee, illustrated by Daniel SpenserOh, FFwSB has also teamed-up with The Phluid Project to produce a “Pride by Patti” T-shirt (illustrated by Daniel Spenser, who’s provided plenty other graphics for the show), which is being sold to benefit the Transgender Legal Defense and Education Fund. Hurrah!

UPDATE (17/7/19): Having watched as many skits as I could find online, I’d just like to add my appreciation for her short webseries Patti Reviews Exotic Animals, co-hosted by actual animal-trainer/party-edutainerNature Nick”! I love the double-act dynamic they have, pitting Patti’s aggressive absurdity against Nick’s sincere enthusiasm/concern for his critters, combined with his snarky disdain for her tomfoolery. Apparently it only ran for a couple months back in 2017, but I could happily watch this adorable odd-couple review every damn creature on the face of the Earth… and then move on to reviewing all the humans too…

UPDATE (4/1/21): Since I first wrote this post SeriouslyTV seem to have closed their YouTube account, so I’ve had to slap in some substitute links to their Facebook page instead… though sadly not all of their videos seem to have been preserved there. Boo!


* “Acidic” in both the caustic sense, and also the trippy/surreal sense…

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