PunkWatch: Queen Barb

‘Queen Barb’ in “Trolls World Tour”I wasn’t aware of the Trolls musical movie franchise until the trailer for a forthcoming sequel started appearing on various news sites this week, touting the heavy metal tuneage and cameo voice-overs. According to the blurb, there are six different Troll tribes scattered over separate lands, each devoted to a different kind of music (Funk, Country, Techno, Classical, Pop, Rock), and the “villain” of this instalment (voiced by Rachel Bloom) is a pierced-and-punky bad-ass who wants to destroy all the other genres, so that guitar-shredding will reign supreme. Hurrah!

I’m not generally a toy collector, and I’ve never had any impulse to pick up any “troll dolls” before now, but I can easily see myself buying a bunch of Barb merch when this flick drops in… er… April 2020!? Wow… they’re really getting the hype-train rolling early, eh?

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