Suzuka Nakamoto as 'Su-metal' and Moa Kikuchi as 'Moametal' at Glastonbury Festival 7/19Last weekend three acts I’d dearly love to see live were playing Glastonbury Festival: Vodun, The Lounge Kittens, and Babymetal… though there was never any chance of me actually attending the event, because I hate the outdoors, and “roughing it” in general… so praise be to the Beeb for at least posting the latter band’s set online, for my couch-potato-y appreciation.

Apparently Babymetal are now utilising a revolving trio of “brave avengers” to fill in for founding member Yuimetal (who retired last year when her survival instinct finally kicked in), with one of them possibly getting the gig on a permanent basis once they’ve proven their mettle to the Fox God…? Either way, this was a relatively short and contained afternoon-matinee on “The Other Stage”, and sadly they didn’t seem to get nearly as much feedback from the sun-stroked audience as their adorable, high-energy performance really deserved. Personally I couldn’t help nodding along and throwing fox-signs in the air as the band thrashed away and Su-Metal sang her socks off, because seeing them always gets me buzzed. That said, I’m not sure I would have been much more use during the slightly awkward moments where she turned the microphone towards the crowd, and expected them to echo her vocal gymnastics. Repeating a simple call-and-response chorus is one thing, but going “woooah-oooah-oooah-oooah-oooah” in perfect harmony and cadence is quite another!

Ah well, I hope they enjoyed themselves, and hooked some new fans into the fold, while also inspiring (relative) veterans like myself to pre-order their forthcoming album, Metal Galaxy (due to be released on October 11th). Yatta!

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