Quite Active, Actually!

Celeste Dring and Freya Parker (aka “Lazy Susan”) in their “Comedy Shorts” special (7/19)Hot-on-the-heels of the (excellent) second series of their spoof Radio 4 podcast The East Coast Listening Post, Celeste Dring and Freya Parker (aka “Lazy Susan”) are back on our screens with a new collection of sketches, via the BBC iPlayer’s “Comedy Shorts” series! Hurrah! Ranging from character bits to visual gags to film parodies and satirical commentary, they run the gamut and look great doing it, thanks to director Jennifer Sheridan‘s cinematic style… so top marks all around.

This also means I can watch it as a double-feature with the Ellie & Natasia “pilot”, and fantasise about the four of them forming a comedy super-group together… fun!

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A comic book writer with an interest in feminism, philosophy, and affirmative action. He/him.
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