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Dickie Finders

I’ve fallen woefully behind with the fifth “season” of Peaky Blinders, and have only just seen the third episode… which [NO SPOILERS!] opened with a scene starring Kate Dickie as the overbearing “Mother Superior” of an orphanage, visited by ‘Tommy’ … Continue reading

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Sad Kitty

Tragically The Lounge Kittens have announced that they are splitting up, at the end of their current (farewell) tour. To quote the official announcement: “Despite your unwavering support and generosity, we have struggled to keep TLK financially viable over the … Continue reading

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Happy Batday!

Apparently today marks the 80th Anniversary of Batman’s first published appearance, in Detective Comics #27 (1939)*, courtesy of creators Bob Kane and Bill Finger… since then he’s become pretty much ubiquitous across all media, and all age-groups, and I say … Continue reading

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Not a Girl. Not A Robot.

[Contains “time-knives” and SPOILERS!!!] The first time I tried to watch NBC’s afterlife-set sitcom The Good Place (2016), I bailed after the pilot episode for vaguely “theological”/spiritual reasons… basically, it annoyed (offended?) me that a condescending/narcissistic socialite like ‘Tahani’ (Jameela … Continue reading

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Hurrah! Quirky-celebrity-challenge-show Taskmaster has returned for a ninth “season” this week, hot-on-the-heels of the eighth instalment which only finished airing in July! It’s still one of the most reliably strange/funny things on TV, and I was very happy to see … Continue reading

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