Rose Matafeo in "Taskmaster" (S9)Hurrah! Quirky-celebrity-challenge-show Taskmaster has returned for a ninth “season” this week, hot-on-the-heels of the eighth instalment which only finished airing in July! It’s still one of the most reliably strange/funny things on TV, and I was very happy to see that (although the teams are still stupidly uneven) the female competitors actually outnumber the males this time around!* The most recognizable is veteran comedian/writer/actor/presenter Jo Brand, of course, who put in far more cheery effort than my TV-listing mag seemed to suggest in its weirdly sneery write-up of the show… then there’s Katy Wix, of The Windsors fame, who’s chosen to wear a hard-hat and hi-viz jacket, so that she’s “fun, safe, and visible” at all times… and finally there’s the slightly-lesser-known Kiwi comedian Rose Matafeo, who opted for a gorgeous glossy suit and black turtle-neck combo, which seems totally impractical for the tasks-at-hand, but would definitely bag her the “best dressed” prize, if such a thing existed. My fave highlights of the first episode all came from the “Dramatic Entrance” task, with Ed Gamble’s bizarre baby-head-ghost entourage, Wix’s mousy cult-leader, and Matafeo’s excellent use of camouflage/random-Brando-impersonations. Oh, and Wix deserves extra credit for crafting a perilous teapot for the opening “Most Stressful Thing” task. Terribly unsafe, but beautifully glazed!


* Fun fact: The winners of the last three seasons have all been women: Liza Tarbuck (S6), Kerry Godliman (S7), and Lou Sanders (S8). Girl power!?

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