Happy Batday!

Kissies for Batman on his 80th AnniversaryApparently today marks the 80th Anniversary of Batman’s first published appearance, in Detective Comics #27 (1939)*, courtesy of creators Bob Kane and Bill Finger… since then he’s become pretty much ubiquitous across all media, and all age-groups, and I say yay for that! Tbh, I’m not that enamoured with Bruce/Batsy himself, but I love Gotham City as a setting, and he does have the greatest “rogues’ gallery” of any comic book hero, so there’s a lot to celebrate all the same…

Meanwhile, I’m currently 72% of the way through the PC version of LEGO Batman: The Videogame, which I picked up a couple weeks ago at a charity shop. Despite being aimed at kids (ages 7+), it’s infuriatingly difficult at times, due to the crude control system (or, at least, that’s the excuse I’m going with)… but it’s also super-fun to be able to glide and grapnel around Gotham, gleefully bashing toy bricks to bits! None of the characters are “voiced” as such, they just make noises, but the cut-scenes between levels are quite amusing in a silent slapstick sorta way, and their body-language is beautifully thought-out and animated. I could happily watch Harley and Ivy leap and twirl about all day!

Besides grinding my way through some more of that, I’ll also try to tick off another one of the many, many animated movies that have been piling up on my watch-list… and maybe even dance the Batusi…? No… on second thoughts, not that…


* Though technically that was back in May, and there’s no good reason for it to be celebrated in September, as far as I can see!

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