Sad Kitty

The Lounge Kittens circa 2017Tragically The Lounge Kittens have announced that they are splitting up, at the end of their current (farewell) tour. To quote the official announcement: “Despite your unwavering support and generosity, we have struggled to keep TLK financially viable over the years and although it’s never been ‘about the money’ when we add the financial strain to the demands of our own lives and our individual wants and needs, we have simply come to the point where it’s all just a bit too hard. What we don’t want to happen is to reach the point where it’s all too hard and it stops being any fun because the fun, dear Kittens, was always the only reason to do any of this.”

A few days earlier, Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard, an awesome Welsh “doom rock” band I recently discovered (via Vodun), also announced that they’d be retiring after their next album, for unspecified “family, work, and health reasons”… so it’s been a pretty shitty week for British music, as far as I’m concerned… though there is some comfort in being forewarned, I suppose…? I just wish we lived in a world where people were properly rewarded for their skills/talents, rather than a kakistocracy where the grasping/unproductive rich just take care of their own, and everyone else goes to the wall. GAAAHHHHH!!!

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