[No SPOILERS!!!] [Well, no major ones, anyway…]

Dreama Walker as 'Rita' in "American Horror Story" (ep #9.3)American Horror Story can be a little hit-and-miss, year to year, but so far the ninth season (aka “1984”) is shaping up pretty well. Set around a summer camp that was once the site of a mass killing by a disgruntled-employee, I wasn’t sure how they’d string the retro-slash-‘em-up antics out for a full nine episodes, but now there are two separate serial killers stalking the residents, with very different agendas and covert accomplices, unleashing an onslaught of twists and turns at the astonished audience. Hurrah! There’s also a sprinkle of Scream-Queens-esque humour to stop it all getting too grim, so I’m really enjoying the ride so far… but what moved me to write a blog-post after watching this week’s episode (#9.3) was a cameo by Dreama Walker, as an unfortunate innocent dragged into the craziness/carnage. Although she appeared to, ahem, exit the series quite conclusively by the episode’s end, it’s always possible with AHS that an ejected actor could return in some other form/role… so I hope we get to see her cheery face again soon!

Meanwhile, I’m also digging Billie Lourd as feisty-camp-counsellor-with-a-secret ‘Montana’, Leslie Grossman as evangelical-camp-owner-with-a-secret ‘Margaret’, and Angelica Ross as conniving-camp-nurse-with-a-secret ‘Rita’. Sooo many secrets!!!

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