Cerys Matthews promoting the “Good Life Festival” at Hawarden (circa 2014)It’s apparently been out for a couple years now, but I’ve only just become aware of an incongruous 3-disc compilation of “Halloween Songs”, some of which seem to have been picked purely on the basis of their titles alone, rather than their lyrical content or seasonal suitability! The most striking example of this slipshod approach is track #3.7, “Dead from the Waist Down” by Welsh indie-rockers Catatonia… which begins with the line “The sun is shining, we should be making hay…”, and seems to be intended as a satirical comment on the emptiness/impotence of Californian showbiz culture, rather than referring to actual crippling injuries! Not that I begrudge them the royalties, of course… but it’s no surprise that some purchasers have complained that the slightly scattershot song selection spoiled the mood of their parties…

Fun fact: All of Catatonia’s studio albums were recently re-released, with bonus discs of B-sides and such. I didn’t rate the band too highly in their 90s heyday, but I’ve developed quite a crush on Cerys Matthews’ lush voice since then, so these have now been dutifully added to my want-list…

Note: The above photo shows Matthews promoting the Good Life Festival at Hawarden circa 2014, not warming up for an axe-murder spree. As far as I know.

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