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[No SPOILERS!!!] [Well, no major ones, anyway…]

Billie Lourd as ‘Montana Duke’ in “American Horror Story” (S9) (aka “1984”)Hurrah! American Horror Story actually managed to stick the landing of its ninth season (aka “1984”), concluding a consistently absorbing/amusing story with a surprisingly sweet/upbeat ending! Sure, there was a lot of bloody violence, disorienting time jumps, and shaggy digressions along the way… but overall, this is probably the most emotionally satisfying and entertaining season to date. I haven’t watched S1 (“Murder House”), S2 (“Asylum”), or S3 (“Coven”) recently enough to be able to compare/rank them all here, but this season is definitely up there somewhere with that classic “hat trick”, and well above anything else this show has produced in the intervening years*, thanks to a healthy humour-transplant from Scream Queens (in fact, it also serves as a much better follow-up to the first season of that show than its actual sophomore effort did, imho). That said, this still has to rate as one of the worst adaptations of George Orwell’s prophetic novel ever produced. Ho ho.

Sadly Dreama Walker didn’t return for an encore, but we did get a great 3-episode-arc involving Lily Rabe’s ethereal/vengeful “Lady in White”, and a very funny turn by Dylan McDermott as a sleazy aspiring-serial-killer, so I’m certainly not complaining. I don’t really want to single out an MVP from the ensemble this time around, because everyone played their parts so well, but it was gratifying to see Billie Lourd get the chance to show so much range over the course of the season (while simultaneously getting stuck with a truly heinous 80’s hair-do).

* In fairness, I still haven’t tried to watch S5 (“Hotel”) because I was so put-off by S4 (“Freak Show”) back when it aired, so I shouldn’t rule that one out…

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