Rosen’s Return

[Contains adorable dioramas  and SPOILERS!!!]

Emily Perkins as ‘Becky Rosen’ in "Supernatural" (#15.4)On a random whim I went to check out Emily Perkins’s IMDb page t’other day, and was met with a decidedly mixed blessing: On the upside, there was a shiny new credit on her filmography, but on the downside, it was for yet another episode (#15.4) of Supernatural, the macho monster-hunting show in which she plays obsessive fangirl ‘Becky Rosen’. Meh.

Despite my misgivings (and long-standing issues with this show), I have to applaud the writers for devoting so much screentime in their final season to redeeming her character. When she last appeared, back in ep #7.8 (“Season Seven, Time for a Wedding!”), Becky had reached her date-rapey rock-bottom, tricking ‘Sam Winchester’ (Jared Padalecki) into loving/marrying her using a demonic potion… but thanks to some “extensive therapy”, she’s now matured and settled down in the suburbs with a (presumably non-drugged?) husband and kids, living an apparently happy/stable life writing fanfic and selling unofficial Supernatural merchandise on Etsy. Yay! That is until she’s visited by ex-boyfriend ‘Chuck’ (Rob Benedict), who (unbeknownst to her, but knownst to me because I read the Wiki) is actually the “God” of their universe, and not merely a prophetic author she dated back in the day. He’s down on his luck, and trapped on Earth, doubting/hating himself, when he comes looking to her for a morale-boost… and she eventually manages to get his creative juices flowing again, only for him to make a sharp “heel-turn” when she critiques the new downer story he’s written about/for the Winchesters. Somehow this then culminates in him erasing Becky (and her family) from reality, so that he can have the peace and quiet he needs to finish his doom-laden plot (presumably for the series finale?). I actually felt a genuine twinge of grief when he vaporised her with a snap of his fingers (the Wiki rather generously calls this a “nod to” Avengers: Infinity War, rather than a blatant rip-off), and I’ll credit that entirely to Perkins’s performance (and my pre-existing affection for her).

Emily Perkins as ‘Becky Rosen’ in "Supernatural" (#15.4)So, it was a pretty bitter-sweet experience, all things considered… wonderful to see Perkins working her beautifully intense magick on screen again, but also a reminder of just how few-and-far-between such opportunities are these days. She deserves ubiquity, but seems to have faded into obscurity! Saying that, I know that some actors don’t actually want to be big stars (because of the pressure, and the demands it would make on them), so there’s no reason to believe she isn’t happy with her lot, and living her best life off-screen… but, at the very least, she deserves her own Funko figure, dammit!

Meanwhile, I’m left wondering if Becky will return for a resurrection curtain-call at some point? I guess I’ll have to keep a closer eye on IMDb for the next couple months to find out… sigh…

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