Red Missed

M.I.A. (aka Mathangi Arulpragasam) at the polling station (12/19)Despite impassioned endorsements from some of my fave music-makers (such as Lily Allen, M.I.A., and Paloma Faith), and comedy-types (such as Kerry Godliman, Jessica Knappett, and Lazy Susan), plus plenty websites springing up to explain “tactical voting” options region-by-region, the UK Labour Party not only failed to make a dent in their main rival’s majority, they actually managed to lose a shedload of former supporters and supposedly “safe seats” in this election! I happen to live in a Tory stronghold, where their incumbent candidate regularly wins almost twice as many votes as all of his competitors combined, so there wasn’t much danger of unseating him here, but still I naively hoped we could at least make him sweat for it this time around. Hah! Nope.

In the acrimonious post-mortem, a lot of critics (from all corners) are laying the blame for the party’s dismal defeat at Jeremy Corbyn’s feet, and I have to say I was never particularly keen on him running the country either… he was simply the lesser of two evils, in this instance. In fact, I can’t recall any major British politician ever inspiring any sort of fannish enthusiasm in me, in all my twenty-odd-years as a voter… certainly not enough to want to wave a sign at their rallies, or buy a hat with their slogan on! Sigh… I don’t suppose there’s any way we could draft Elizabeth Warren or Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in as the opposition leader, is there…?

Note: The above photo was taken from M.I.A.’s Twitter, but I pasted the emblem over her son’s face, for the sake of his privacy. I mean, obviously more people are going to see it on her “socials” than on mine, but I was trying to be respectful…

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