“Wheels Up! Let’s Roll Out!”

Erinn Hayes as ‘Lola Spratt’ and Sarayu Blue as 'Sloane McIntyre' in “Medical Police” (S1) (2020)Despite regularly Googling Beth Dover’s name (in a totally professional, and not-at-all creepy way), the release of a Childrens Hospital sequel/spin-off* caught me totally by surprise. Medical Police is an action-packed parody of globe-trotting spy thrillers, combining the extremely silly humour of its predecessor with impressive stunts and exotic locations, as out-of-their-depth Doctors ‘Lola Spratt’ (Erinn Hayes) and ‘Owen Maestro’ (Rob Huebel) are drawn into a shadowy conspiracy involving a deadly manufactured virus. Although they start out on familiar turf, surrounded by the regular Childrens cast (including Dover as ‘Nurse Beth’), by the end of the first episode they’ve been seconded into a super-secret bio-crime-fighting agency (led by Sarayu Blue), and air-dropped into Berlin!

That’s as far as I’ve watched so far, because I know from previous experience that this sort of humour is best enjoyed in small doses… though I did make the mistake of watching it just before checking out a new crime drama called Lincoln Rhyme: Hunt for the Bone Collector**, which was much harder to take seriously as a result. Still, for all its creaky clichés, I hope it’s a success, because I like the premise of a rookie NYPD beat-cop becoming the trusted “point person” for a legendary/bed-bound criminologist… especially when the officer in question is played by Arielle Kebbel, who I’ve always had a soft spot for…

* On Netflix, because apparently they own everything I watch now…?
** In their case, “Murder Police” might have actually been a less silly option…

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