Screen Rant's "Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker - Pitch Meeting"Ever since I got a smart-TV-thingy, episodes of Screen Rant’s “Pitch Meetings” series have been popping up in my YouTube “suggestions” feed, but I’ve always resisted clicking on them because of the fugly title-card images… until last week, that is, when boredom/curiosity got the better of me, and I tumbled headfirst into a fun new addiction! Far from the off-putting animated parodies I’d been expecting, they actually consist of writer/star Ryan George playing a soulless/shameless screenwriter pitching the selected movie/show/actor to a credulous/unscrupulous studio executive (also played by George), against a fakey green-screen office backdrop. Their snappy back-and-forth savagely highlights all of the plot-holes and logical inconsistencies in the premise/storyline/arcs, which they then blithely shrug off with their signature catchphrases. I know that might not seem like much on paper, but these little sketches make me laugh so hard it causes me physical pain, while also making me question every choice I’ve ever made in my own writing projects! Granted, the script I’m working on at the moment is only on its second draft, so I can’t expect it to be totally water-tight… but George has definitely put me on “high alert”, as far as consistent motivations and engaging/challenging conflicts go…

At the time of posting, there were 169 episodes available, which should theoretically last me for a while… but I have a feeling I’m going to burn through them much faster than a wiser man would. Whoops!

Oh, and George also has his own personal channel, where he posts non-pitch-related skits, and even manages to make the sponsored adverts at the end of the videos funny and compulsive-viewing! I’m starting to suspect he may be some kinda web-warlock or something…!?

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