Barb-ed Eggs

'Queen Barb' in Kinder Egg toy form for Easter (2020)The shops have already started stocking their shelves for Easter, and I was excited to see that Kinder has teamed up with DreamWorks to include a line of (self-assembly) Trolls World Tour toys in their eggs, including a couple figures of Queen Barb herself! Unfortunately you have to buy them “blind”, and I don’t fancy my odds of finding her in amongst all the other characters, who I don’t care about/recognise at all, because I still haven’t gotten around to watching the first flick yet! I’ll probably wait to see what other merchandise comes out when the movie’s actually released in April, rather than rush to buy these off some reseller on eBay… but I’m glad that Barb’s such a prominent part of their promotional campaigns, bless ‘er. If nothing else, she’s helping to educate children about female punk/rock icons, with her character description on the website referencing Blondie, Joan Jett, and Wendy O. Williams!

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