A Voodoo To-do…

Vodun circa 2/20Vodun, the UK’s foremost Afro-Metal-Soul-Psych band, are serving up a shedload of shiny newness for 2020… with an energetic new video for “Rituals” (the penultimate track from their storming Ascend album), featuring their new drummer Lorena Cachito (aka “Sobo”), and a slew of live shows across the country:

February 25th – Nottingham, UK, Alberts
February 27th – Bristol, UK, The Old England
February 29th – London, UK, 10 Years of Chaos Festival, The Dome​
March 1st – Bournemouth, UK, The Anvil
March 6th – Berlin, Germany, TIEF/ Zukunft am Ostkreuz
March 7th – Le Mans, France, Le Mans Tattoo Convention, Centre des Exposition
March 29th – Manchester, UK, Riffoloution Festival, The Bread Shed
April 18th – Leeds, UK, Brudenell Social, Strange Forms Festival

Meanwhile, they’re getting some great press, with Bandcamp declaring lead-singer Chantal Brown (aka “Oya”) one of “Metal’s Most Powerful (Comprehensible) Vocalists”, and Classic Rock Magazine featuring “Rituals” in their “Tracks of the Week” round-up… rightly so, on both counts!

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