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Alive And Twitching

As Covid-19 plays merry hell with our world, more and more countries are urging their citizens to remain isolated indoors, thereby creating a growing need for fresh “home entertainment”. To help fill that gap (and fight their own fears/boredom, presumably) … Continue reading

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#Ad (Infinitum)

Melissa Bonny, the lead-singer/founder of up-and-coming symphonic-metal band Ad Infinitum, posted an Instagram video t’other day kindly asking fans of her new band (Ad Infinitum) to spread the word about them (Ad Infinitum) far and wide, in order to attract … Continue reading

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“You Should Be Ashamed Of Yourself!”

Huzzah! The Windsors is/are back for a third series on Ch4, while (for better or worse) the real-life royals are providing the writers with plenty of fresh material for absurd/satirical japery! Thankfully Meghan-and-Harry’s recent domination of the headlines means that … Continue reading

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