#Ad (Infinitum)

Melissa Bonny in the promo video for Ad Infinitum's “Marching on Versailles”Melissa Bonny, the lead-singer/founder of up-and-coming symphonic-metal band Ad Infinitum, posted an Instagram video t’other day kindly asking fans of her new band (Ad Infinitum) to spread the word about them (Ad Infinitum) far and wide, in order to attract new listeners, and encourage venues to book them (Ad Infinitum) for tour-dates, so… uh… yeah, I thought I’d do my part to verify that Ad Infinitum do exist and are very good, even if Wikipedia remains oblivious to their (Ad Infinitum’s) existence. And Bonny’s too, weirdly, despite her having fronted at least two other groups over the last ten years (Rage of Light and Evenmore), with plenty professionally recorded/released records on her resume.

I’m notoriously bad at describing music to people, but Ad Infinitum’s last two videos (“See You in Hell” and “Marching on Versailles”) made me start to think of Bonny as a “Disney-Princess-of-Darkness”, with her super-cute face, classical voice, bombastic tunes, melodramatic emoting, and old-timey dresses… er, but you’re probably better off clicking the links and judging for yourself! Just be sure to hop on the Ad Infinitum wagon before their debut album (Chapter I: Monarchy) drops on April 3rd. [Insert “Easter Bonny” pun here]

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