Alive And Twitching

Lindsay and Jenny Nicholson (aka "Skylarky" and "ProGamerJenny") streaming on Twitch (3/20)As Covid-19 plays merry hell with our world, more and more countries are urging their citizens to remain isolated indoors, thereby creating a growing need for fresh “home entertainment”. To help fill that gap (and fight their own fears/boredom, presumably) a number of my fave YouTubers have started streaming game-play videos on a site called “Twitch”*. Technically, Jenny Nicholson launched her channel (ProGamerJenny) last year with the help of her visiting older sister Lindsay (aka “Skylarky“), but only managed a couple streams before her sibling left town and the set-up broke-down, bringing a swift end to her dreams of big-money sponsorship deals. Now they’re both quarantined together and streaming as a duo, with Lindsay continuing her own separate, long-established channel using Jenny’s equipment.

Their pal Bailey Meyers (aka “bailienvspredator“) has also just switched to Twitch, after posting a couple Pokemon videos on YouTube back in the day, and is currently winning her way through Rollercoaster Tycoon (accompanied by a playlist of “good jamz”). All three streamers make for great company, and have deliberately chosen casual, low-adrenaline games which leave them plenty of  time/attention to charm/chat with viewers. Bless.

* Meanwhile, several high-paid late night TV hosts have become homebound YouTubers, with, uh, fairly “mixed” results… Seth Meyers (no relation) either needs to hire Ryan George as a consultant, or just sub the monologues out to him for the immediate future. Seriously, dude gets paid $3 million a year, and he can’t be bothered to buy a decent unidirectional microphone, or at least wait for his neighbour to stop mowing their lawn before he records!? Samantha Bee, on the other hand, is still killing it out in the woods… and I actually think I prefer John Oliver‘s show without a studio audience, but it’s probably not as much fun for him…?

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