A Spoonful Of Metal

Moametal (aka Moa Kikuchi) of Babymetal circa 4/20Last month, as a treat for their fans (and music-lovers everywhere) Babymetal kindly posted two of their Tokyo Dome stadium shows (from September 2016) on YouTube for all to see, for free! Due to my own stupidity/tardiness, I managed to miss them both, which was especially gutting as the DVDs/BRs from that tour are so rare/pricey in this country… but thankfully they’re re-streaming one of the shows (“Black Night”) today, from 12:30 GMT! Yay! Apparently this set was recorded a couple months after the release of their second studio album (Metal Resistance), when Yuimetal (Yui Mizuno) was still an active member of the group. As with the 2014 Budokan shows, there was a “Red Night” and a “Black Night”, each with totally different set-lists, so you have to watch ‘em both to get the full experience… which is kinda pesky, but hopefully I’ll get to see Tokyo’s “Red Night” someday… sigh…

Additionally, on May 10th they’ll also be streaming their 2016 Wembley show for everyone except the UK to see (“due to an exclusive broadcasting contract with Sky TV” according to the disclaimer!)… instead we’ll be getting an “exclusive” viewing of their 2014 O2 Academy (Brixton) show, so praise be to the Fox God for that!

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