Lockdown Uplift (6/20)

Just a quick note of some of the funnest online content I watched this month (in no particular order):

Patti Harrison for Nylon's "Secret Talent" series (6/20)Fern Brady starred in a two-part BBC “series” in which she attempted to strike it rich as a viral internet sensation by analysing/pastiching the most popular YouTube video genres. At one point she compared her own voice to the caw of “a dying crow”, but I’ve greatly enjoyed her contributions to Radio 4’s News Quiz in the past, and am very glad to see her getting more exposure.

Lou Sanders delivered some “dating advice from someone that you really cannot trust”, via Dead ParrotPatti Harrison revealed her “secret talent”* for drawing, via NylonThe Pretty Reckless performed an acoustic (socially-distanced) version of their new single “Death By Rock And Roll”… and The Lounge Kittens posted a trio of “tour diary” videos from their final farewell gigs, which were also recorded for a new (digital-only) live album, featuring tracks sourced at various venues, including a couple previously-unreleased numbers. Yay!

Janis Joplin’s Facebook page hosted a half-hour backyard tribute concert performed by American-Idol-alumnus Haley Reinhart, who I wasn’t really aware of before… but I really dig her voice and her vibe, and will definitely be keeping an eye/ear out for her from now on! Oh, apparently she’s just released her cover of “Piece of My Heart” as an official single, so that seems like a good place to start, right…?

Laverne Cox circa 6/20– On a more educational tip, I watched the BBC documentary Will Britain Ever Have a Black Prime Minister? (2016), in which actor David Harewood “investigates the obstacles facing black Britons in rising to positions of power and influence”, with the number-crunching assistance of Faiza Shaheen. SPOILER: The odds aren’t that great, I’m afraid. [Note: When I watched the YouTube version, there were several silent patches during the programme where I thought my speakers had cut out, but I now realise it’s where they had to drop copyright music from the soundtrack… so bear with it, and do not adjust your set! The iPlayer version remains intact].

– I also watched the Netflix doc Disclosure (2020), in which Laverne Cox, Candis Cayne, and other creatives/academics reflect on how Hollywood has depicted transgender people over the decades since its inception, and the impact this has had in the real world. As a greying old-timer, it’s sad to see how problematic/dispiriting many of the shows/movies I grew up with were for the Trans community… or, more critically, for isolated young kids trying to figure out where they fit in the world. I guess we’ve come a long way since then, but (as a recent Full Frontal report on violence against Black Trans-Women tragically proved) we still have a looong way to go…


* In fact she’s been posting random pictures/gig-posters on her socials for ages, but that’s the title/premise of the video series, so we all have to act surprised anyway…

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