PSA: The Mortdecai Mistake

A misleading listing for "Mortdecai" (2015) from (circa 10/20)Short: No, Aubrey Plaza is not in Mortdecai (2015).

Long: Certain online retailers allow you to search their stock by actor, to see all of the available titles they appear in… and for some reason WHSmith, HMV, Hive, and Zoom all (currently) accuse Aubrey Plaza of appearing in the 2015 “box office bomb” Mortdecai… despite a total absence of supporting evidence on any reputable film sites. Out of curiosity/confusion, I decided to watch the movie and find out for myself… but quickly grew irritated at the style/tone of the humour (it’s basically a big-budget, throwback “Carry On” caper, without the charm), and ended up hitting the fast-forward button sometime around the half-hour mark, after which I switched back to normal speed every now-and-then to see if it had improved at all. It did not. So, I can’t conclusively say that she isn’t in it, but I can say that she doesn’t appear in it for long enough to be visible at double-speed, and she certainly isn’t listed in the end credits. What a cruel and despicable hoax!

Oh, and on a vaguely-related topic, Amber Midthunder is not in the new season (S4) of Fargo, despite some sites still suggesting she is! The role she was once rumoured to be playing, ‘Swanee Capps’, was actually filled by Kelsey Asbille… unless she’s an impostor, and the real Swanee will appear in a later episode to reclaim her name? It’s kinda hard to be sure with Noah Hawley’s shows…!

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