Plug: “Southland Tales” BR

“Southland Tales” (2006) BR courtesy of Arrow FilmI don’t generally get that excited about new releases, but for some reason I was hyped to see that Arrow Films are releasing a fancy Blu-ray edition of Richard Kelly’s flawed-but-fascinating mindf*cker Southland Tales (2006) next month!* The biggest selling-point for me is the fact that this 2-disc set will include the fabled 160-minute “Cannes cut”, which boasts a couple extra scenes of Janeane Garofalo as ‘General Teena MacArthur’! Squeee!

Hopefully this release will prove so successful that it prompts someone to reprint the g-novels in an affordable omnibus as well…?

[Sadly, I receive no payment/compensation for this plug… sniffle…]


* 25/01/21, to be precise.

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