Rant: Monthly Dee-Lights (12/20)

Just a quick note of some of the funnest content I consumed last month (in no particular order):

Jennifer Tilly with her 'Tiffany' doll (circa 12/20)Jennifer Tilly posted a picture with her ‘Tiffany’ doll on Twitter, wearing coordinated Christmassy outfits!

– I revisited Rachel Bloom’s classic seasonal song-parody “Chanukah Honey”, from the album Suck It, Christmas!!! (2013). I also got a kick out of Ana Gasteyer’s holiday album Sugar & Booze (2019), which mixes reworked classics with original comedy songs. On a more topical tip, Charly Bliss recorded a socially-distanced track/video about, uh, being socially-distanced, called “It’s Christmas and I F*cking Miss You!” (and, yes, it did make me a little weepy… but then pretty much everything does, these days…)

Sage Hyden (aka “Just Write”) posted a surprisingly moving video-essay about why the original animated Mulan (1998) “holds a very special place in [their] heart… and why the new live-action adaptation is less than satisfying.”

Patti Harrison posted a home-made skit in which she announced the winner of the “Car of the Year Award”, while crawling across the floor in a glamorous frock, staring directly into the Sun! Meanwhile, I was very disappointed to discover that her “Exotic Animal Reviews” had disappeared from YouTube, though thankfully they are still available via the SeriouslyTV Facebook page.

Nova Twins (aka Georgia South and Amy Love) (circa 12/20)– “Urban punk” duo Nova Twins performed a short (but scorching) set in Kerrang’s “K! Pit”, pulling most of the tracks from their debut album, Who Are The Girls? (2020), which is currently rocking 81% over on Metacritic. They’ve also collaborated with Bring Me The Horizon on a track for their recently-released Post Human: Survival Horror EP, which apparently features guest-appearances by Babymetal and Amy Lee too!

Nigella Lawson made a welcome return to our TV screens with a new six-part serving of food-porn, titled Cook, Eat, Repeat. Personally, I think the nationwide lockdown actually improved this series, as it forced them to eliminate the cringe-y in-between scenes where she pretends to relax with a bunch of hired extras, and we get gross close-ups of them gobbling down her food while chuckling at some unheard joke. Shudder. Unfortunately, they did shoehorn a couple of those into the hour-long Christmas special, but they were mercifully brief and skippable.

Aubrey Plaza went “full witch” in quarantine, treating Stir Crazy host Josh Horowitz to an alternately erotic/insulting tarot card reading. Lucky duck.

'Doreen Green' (aka “Squirrel Girl") and 'Kamala Khan’ (aka “Ms. Marvel”) (circa 12/20)– Marvel launched a series of self-promoting documentaries, titled Marvel’s 616* (or “Marvel 616”, depending where you look), some of which were more serious/watchable than others. Of particular note/interest was ep. #1.2 (“Higher, Further, Faster”), which focussed on female characters and creatives, such as Sana Amanat (editor on various books, and co-creator of ‘Kamala Khan’ (aka “Ms. Marvel”)), G. Willow Wilson (multi-award-winning writer/co-creator of Ms. Marvel), Kelly Sue DeConnick (writer on Captain Marvel, among others, and co-creator of Bitch Planet for Image Comics), and Nilah Magruder (writer for the Marvel Rising books, and creator of webcomic M.F.K.). Despite the confusing non-linear timeline, it was a fascinating/enlightening watch… though I am kinda pissed that Squirrel Girl‘s sidekick, Tippy-Toe, somehow got more mentions/screentime than her! Also, ep #1.3 (“Amazing Artisans”) spent a goodly amount of time profiling/following Natacha Bustos, the main artist on Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur… and ep #1.5 (“Lost and Found”) featured a cameo by Rachel Bloom as part of a celebrity “focus-group” questioning Paul Scheer’s vision for a new child-friendly superhero cartoon/toy-line.

– And finally, Netflix aired Charlie Brooker’s “mockumentary” Death to 2020, which I enjoyed a lot more than some critics/viewers seemed to, though it clearly wasn’t up to the same satirical standard as the “Wipe” shows he’s previously produced for the BBC. It was definitely a much “softer” style of comedy, but apparently that was his intention, so fair enough… and Cristin Milioti was fantastic as ‘Kathy Flowers’, a crazed conspiracy-spouting “soccer mom” with heavy “Karen” energy.

– Perennial faves include Meg Tilly’s Cozy Tea Time chats, Ryan George‘s Pitch Meeting skits, and Bailey Meyers‘s gaming streams!


* In reference to the designation of the comic books’ “true” universe as “Earth-616”.

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