Rant: Monthly Dee-Lights (4/21)

Just a quick note of some of the funnest content I consumed last month (in no particular order):

Sophia Mitri Schloss as 'Emma Korn' in "Big Shot" (S1) (2021)

David E. Kelley (of Ally McBeal fame) has a new series on Disney+ called Big Shot, which is based on an idea by Brad Garrett (of Everybody Loves Raymond fame), and stars John Stamos (of, uh, Scream Queens fame?). It centres around a temperamental basketball coach who is fired from his high-profile job with a major team, and forced to join the staff of an elite private girls’ school in order to make ends meet. There he forms an uneasy alliance with his assistant-coach (Jessalyn Gilsig), rankles under the watchful eye of the school’s no-nonsense principal (Yvette Nicole Brown), clashes with an interfering parent/patron (Michael Trucco), and rubs various other faculty members up the wrong way, while slowly winning over “his” squad. I doubt any actual teenage girls watching the show will be wowed by its verisimilitude to their own lives, but as an out-of-touch old man myself, I found it to be entertainingly snappy/sappy comfort-food. There’s also some great performances from the younger members of the cast, including Nell Verlaque as the team’s “poor-little-rich-girl” MVP, Tiana Le as the coach’s sassy surrogate-daughter, and Sophia Mitri Schloss as his estranged actual-daughter. Note: While there may not be any “crying in baseball”, there seems to be plenty of it in high-school basketball!

– I discovered* a Facebook group called “Japanese Girl Bands and other music”, which provides daily links to videos by previously unknown (to me) artists… including the fairy-tale spookiness of Aimer’s “Wonderland”, the shopping-centre surrealism of Nakigoto’s “Unknown Planets”, and the gothed-up splatter of Bridear’s “Bloody Bride”.

Superstore posted a bunch of deleted scenes from their Final Season, including several featuring Nichole Sakura as ‘Cheyenne’… which is probably the last we’ll ever see of that particular character… sniffle…

Jenny Slate as 'Rose' in "My Blind Brother" (2016)

– I finally got around to watching My Blind Brother (2016), a low-key rom-com starring Nick Kroll as the under-appreciated brother of an overachieving blind athlete (Adam Scott), who both (kinda) fall for the same do-gooding gal, played by the ever-adorable Jenny Slate. It’s currently rocking a score of 60% over on Metacritic, which seems about right to me, despite my pre-established crush on Slate (as well as a lesser-crush on Zoe Kazan, who plays her snarky BFF), and admiration for Kroll, who’s very winning here as the cast-against-type underdog. It’s just never as funny as it should be with so much comedic talent upfront, or as emotive as it could have been with such a potentially explosive premise.

– SXSW hosted a video-call confab between Samantha Bee and Amber Ruffin about various topics, including their respective late night shows, and mutual love of cheesecake. The sound is a little choppy, and the perpetual split-screen makes it kinda hard to know who to focus on at times, but there’s a lot of good insightful meat on the bones, if you can get through the gristly bits.

– And, er, that’s about it! There was plenty stuff I started watching and gave up on last month, including several new shows starring people I really like that have garnered great reviews, so… maybe I’m just getting too impatient/dismissive in my old-age…?

– Perennial faves include Meg Tilly’s Cozy Tea Time chats, Ryan George‘s Pitch Meeting skits, and Bailey Meyers‘s gaming streams!


* And by “discovered”, I mean the algorithm kept “suggesting” it to me until I finally gave in and “followed” it!


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