PSA: All The Cool Kids Wanna Get Vaxxed!

Sarah Nixey showing off her vax scar (circa 26/3/21)

So, this week I got my first dose of vaccine… but since I don’t have a phone to take “selfies” with, and I’m not a glamorous celebrity, I thought I’d post a photo of Sarah Nixey here instead (“borrowed” from her Insta, circa 26/3/21). My decision to get the jab was influenced not only by the best available facts, but also by the sort of people who were most vocally arguing for and against it… i.e., all the cool, funny, smart, creative, friendly, socially-conscious types tend to be pro-lockdown, pro-mask, and pro-vaccination… and anything that gets me one step closer to potentially hanging out with the likes of Nixey, Rachel Bloom, Ilana Glazer, Riki Lindhome, Sarah Cooper, and Natasha Lyonne, is well worth the discomfort! Still, part of me is kinda bummed that there isn’t a more concrete/immediate reward to claim, like the ones that some hold-outs in America are being offered… I mean, queuing up to get stabbed by a stranger with a syringe full of shivering-night-sweats* isn’t my ideal way to spend a Saturday, y’know? I didn’t even get a plaster! Tch!

Sadly, bona fide “national treasure” Meg Tilly just revealed that Canada (where she’s currently living) is running a little behind, so she’s still got another two weeks to wait for her first shot… meaning that she can’t meet up with her sister Jennifer Tilly, who recently arrived in the country to start work on a Chucky TV series, and is currently languishing in quarantine! Harsh!


* Tbf, that was my own fault for not taking a paracetamol like the leaflet suggested… but the side-effects didn’t kick in until I was getting ready for bed, and I foolishly thought I could sleep through them!

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