Rant: Monthly Dee-Lights (11/21)

Just a quick note of some of the funnest content I consumed last month (in no particular order):

Josie Totah (circa 11/21)

– In honour of Transgender Awareness Week, I watched a year-old ET interview with Josie Totah, in which she talks about her journey as a performer, and contributions as a producer on the Saved by the Bell reboot (while also casting some well-deserved shade on the original series!). I then followed that up with her “Taste Test” for Cosmo, in which she warmed my heart by casually describing her preferred press-on-nail shape as “a beautiful coffin”! And finally, I found an interview she did with Variety for Pride Month earlier this year.

– I started getting myself into a “festive” mood by listening to Hanukkah Gone Metal (2009) by Gods of Fire, a comedy heavy-metal album themed around the eponymous Jewish festival. “No Gelt, No Glory”!!! Meanwhile, Rachel Bloom has apparently beaten the copyright claim on her “Santa Baby” parody (“Chanukah Honey”), so I may as well plug that again as well!

Saturday Night Live subjected “freshman” cast-members Aristotle Athari, James Austin Johnson, and Sarah Sherman to a quick Q&A.

BuzzFeed prompted Stephanie Beatriz to talk about some of her major “firsts”, such as her first celebrity crush and her first impressions of the Brooklyn Nine-Nine cast.

Daniella Pineda as 'Faye Valentine' in “Cowboy Bebop” (2021)

Wired challenged John Cho and Daniella Pineda to answer “the web’s most searched questions” about themselves and their new Netflix series Cowboy Bebop… which I’ve now seen 2x eps of, and am really enjoying (though I note with trepidation that the IMDb ratings drop severely towards the end of the season…)

– Dr. Martens “presented” a short film about Los Angelean “Women in Punk”, featuring Exene Cervenka (of X), Patty Schemel (of Hole), Backstage Pass, L.A. Witch, The Linda Lindas, and a butt-load o’ boots!

The Linda Lindas also chatted to Guitar Center about their early days and influences in-between random cutaways to them performing recent single “Oh!”… before being invited to appear on Sesame Street by the show’s newest addition (and “First Asian American Muppet”), Ji-Young!

Aina The End released a poetic/cathartic video for her single “Kamisama” (“God”), taken from the J-Pop idol’s second solo album, The Zombie, which “dropped” on November 24th. I don’t speak/understand Japanese, so I’m just going to take it on faith that the forlorn visuals reflect the lyrics… whatever they may be…? Either way, it makes an interesting contrast with the previous video (for “ZokingDog”), in which she dressed in a cyclone of fabric and did a happy puppy-paw dance!

Nova Twins ala their "Antagonist" video (11/21)

Nova Twins posted a cartoonishly-sinister video for their banging new track “Antagonist”… and I do love the way the body-bags nod/bounce along to the song! Can’t blame ‘em, really…

– Out of curiosity, I watched (and thoroughly enjoyed) the South Park: Post Covid one-hour TV-movie-thingy. I haven’t seen the actual show since the early 2000s, but loved it back in my student days, and still listen to the ‘Mr. Hankey’ Christmas album every year. Because this special is set forty years into “The Future”, after the kids have all split up and gone their separate ways, I was hoping I’d be able to jump back in without too much confusion about the current continuity, and thankfully that proved to be the case. I mean, I’m sure I missed a lot of in-jokes and references along the way, but overall I found it very funny, with just enough nods to the past to give me a nostalgic glow, and some great running gags and shocking reveals. This instalment ended on a cliff-hanger, and I’m eager to see what happens next… while also eyeing the boxsets of the previous 23 (!) seasons, and toying with the idea of hurling myself down that rabbit-hole…

Nichole Sakura posted a “Halloween tribute to the icon of our times”, cos-playing as Britney Spears for a dance-cover of “I’m a Slave 4 U”, complete with a fake white snake… and only a couple days later Spears was finally freed from her contentious conservatorship, so I’m going to assume Sakura manifested that result with the power of her performance…

Aubrey Plaza manifesting 'The Christmas Witch' on the Today show (11/21)

Aubrey Plaza appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert (link), Late Night with Seth Meyers (link), and Today (link) to promote her new/debut children’s book, “The Legend of the Christmas Witch”, dressed as the title character and cackling like a maniac. She also spilt some (metaphorical) tea on Sir Michael Caine, who announced his retirement from acting shortly after working with her in Best Sellers, earlier this year. Coincidence???

– Carried over from last month, Mila Kunis braved the spicy wings and deep-dive questions for which Hot Ones is rightly (in)famous… while also occasionally haranguing her off-camera husband, Ashton Kutcher.

– Perennial faves include Meg Tilly‘s Cozy Tea Time chats, Ryan George‘s Pitch Meeting skits, Bailey Meyers‘s gaming streams, and Screen Junkies/Jon Bailey‘s Honest Trailers!


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