Rant: Monthly Dee-Lights (1/22)

Just a quick note of some of the funnest content I consumed last month (in no particular order):

Stockard Channing as ‘Penn Parker’ in “Death to 2021” (2021)

Death To 2021 followed the pattern established by its predecessor pretty closely, with some great turns by Diane Morgan (as an “average” British woman), Lucy Liu (as a cynical journo), Cristin Milioti (as an uber-“Karen”), and Stockard Channing (as a slightly drunker cynical journo). My only complaint about this special is that Channing’s character was so sharp/funny I want her to exist in real-life, and have her own late-night talk-show! Gah!

Sandra Bernhard posted a new song to Instagram, co-written with long-time musical collaborator Mitch Kaplan, in lieu of playing her traditional “NYE extravaganza” at Joe’s Pub, New York. To quote the accompanying caption: “Let’s step into 2022 with our heads & hearts high, and open to all the promise of what can be”. Amen!

Will Forte returned to Saturday Night Live in host-form, bringing Kristen Wiig along for a bunch of demented Country duets, and a trio of topical MacGruber skits (with a cameo-ing Ryan Phillippe!). He also helmed a hellish children’s game-show, co-starring Aidy Bryant as the unlucky contestant/victim.

Caitlin Doughty posted a humorous (where appropriate) exploration of “skin books” (i.e., books bound in human skin) (aka “anthropodermic bibliopegy”) on her Ask a Mortician channel.

Helena Bonham Carter in “Return to Hogwarts” (2022)

– The Harry Potter 20th Anniversary Reunion special (aka “Return to Hogwarts”) had some very sweet moments, even if it did get a bit maudlin and repetitive towards the end. The scenes with Helena Bonham Carter and Daniel Radcliffe catching up were a ton of fun… though it’s bizarre to me that the revelation of his (past?) crush on her received so much press attention when this special aired. I mean, how could anyone not have a crush on her!? The tributes to Helen McCrory and Alan Rickman were also much appreciated… watching the clips of them and HBC in character almost made me want to revisit these movies…

– Japanese idol group Bish (aka “Brand-New Idol Shit”) have been releasing a slew of videos, including one-take dance performances, to cushion the blow of the recent announcement that they will be “consciously decoupling” in 2023… amusingly they’ve chosen to title their first farewell single “Final Shits”! Bless ’em.

– I was excited to discover that all three series of Limmy’s Show! (2010-2013) are up on the Beeb’s iPlayer again (for at least another nine months), including ep #2.1, which features possibly my fave comedy sketch of all time: “Kill Jester” (co-starring Kirstin McLean).

– Perennial faves include Meg Tilly‘s Cozy Tea Time chats, Ryan George‘s Pitch Meeting skits, Bailey Meyers‘s gaming streams, and Screen Junkies/Jon Bailey‘s Honest Trailers!


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