Rant: Monthly Dee-Lights (7/22)

Just a note of some of the funnest content I consumed last month (in no particular order):

Josie Totah in “Celebrity Family Feud” (ep #8.2) (2022)

– The latest (eighth)* season of Celebrity Family Feud featured several teams of interest to me: Ep #8.2 saw a face-off between Salt-N-Pepa and the cast of The Proud Family (including Keke Palmer and Kyla Pratt), followed by the casts of Bel-Air (2022) and Saved by the Bell (2020) (including Josie Totah) going head-to-head… then ep #8.4 boasted Boyz II Men vs. Amber Ruffin (with sister/co-author Lacey Lamar) *and* Thomas Lennon vs. Joe Lo Truglio (with fellow-actor/real-life-wife Beth Dover)!

– Paramount dropped a trailer for Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves, which is due to be released in March 2023. I was trying not to get too excited over the prospect of a big-budget D&D flick co-starring Michelle Rodriguez (mostly to avoid BloodRayne flashbacks), but it looks like they’ve gone for a quirky/quippy Guardians of the Galaxy-esque vibe, and I’m very much on board for that. Squeee?

Taylor Tomlinson appeared on Conan O’Brien’s “Needs a Friend” vodcast, to promote her new stand-up tour (link, link, link). Apparently the two of them gigged together back in the day, so there’s some fun personal anecdotes in there, along with more serious “shop talk”…

Nic Stone (circa 8/20)

– The Marvel YT channel posted an interview with Nic Stone, author of several prose novels about Shuri (from Black Panther), in which she talks about what motivated her to start writing in the first place, and why she identifies with her young heroine.

Nikki Glaser performed a new stand-up special (Good Clean Filth) for HBO… and even though she started off talking about Covid, she quickly segued into (hilarious) sex-talk from there on out. Phew!

– The Letterman YT channel posted a vintage Late Show clip of Janeane Garofalo (theoretically) promoting the movie Reality Bites (1994), though she seems to spend most of the interview mocking her family and arguing against the movie’s marketing campaign.

– The seventh/final season of Trolls: TrollsTopia will begin later this month, and I’ve now managed to catch up on all the previous eps… or rather, I watched the ones featuring hard rockin’ ‘Val’ (Lauren Mayhew), to groove on her super-sweet odd-couple friendship with ‘Poppy’ (Amanda Leighton), and skimmed the rest. I actually bought a little figure of Val for my b-day earlier this year, and wish there was more merch with her on to collect. I also hope they’ll release a soundtrack album of all the songs used in the series at some point, because they can often be quite catchy!

Bish (circa 7/22)

Bish posted several “dance videos” to their YT channel (link, link, link, link, link, link), and I’d highly recommend watching them through a couple of times, to better appreciate what each member is contributing to the routines… though I don’t think it’s too contentious to suggest that Aina is the MVP, movement-wise. In fact, I’m pretty sure she helps to choreograph most of their performances, so I guess that makes her a “coach” as well!

Karen Gillan shared her “Makeup Guide for Redheads” with Vogue, and reflected on the time she was a shaven-head… while Joey King gave an interview to Allure, in which she insisted: “I think every woman should [shave their hair off] at least once in their life.” M’kay. King also filmed an endearingly haphazard demonstration of her “Quick 10-Minute Beauty Routine”, complete with tatty palette pans and impulsive experimentation!

Michelle Cruz Gonzales posted a heartfelt defence of The Linda Lindas on her Punk Writer blog, demanding that we “Quit Calling [Them] Cute!”

– Perennial faves include Meg Tilly‘s Cozy Tea Times (link), Ryan George‘s Pitch Meetings (link), Star Wars Explained (link), Bailey Meyers‘s gaming streams (link), Jon Bailey‘s Honest Trailers (link), and Honest Game Trailers (link)!


* Or ninth, depending on who you believe…!

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