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Hiya! My name’s Dee, and I’m a comic-book writer with an interest in philosophy, equality, and diversity.

This blog is a place for me to rave about the smart, funny, talented, kick-ass peeps who inspire me (and occasionally to rant about the films and TV shows that annoy or offend me).

Disclaimer: All of the opinions expressed here are entirely subjective, and partly fuelled by bitterness or fanboy-ish obsession. Sorry about that. :(

14 Responses to About This Blog…

  1. partypants says:

    Just letting you know I enjoy your blog. Although the first thing I thought of was Thalia Meninnger from “Dobie Gillis”.

    • deecrowseer says:

      Bless you. I had to look “Dobie Gillis” up on Wikipedia, and now feel ashamed of myself for not knowing the name of the sitcom that featured “American television’s first beatnik”! Maynard G. Krebs is my new idol. :)

  2. Hi,
    I’m so glad I stumbled upon your blog. It’s like a candystore. I googled “Louise Bourgoin, feisty & feminism” and it led me here. These women featured throughout your blog are my idols too. Though I guess L.B. is not quite the epitome of the strong female role model that I have in mind, but Im going to watch her films tonight anyway. I badly miss some French talk.
    PS. my native tongue isnot English, as you might see.

  3. Smash says:

    Dude, your blog is awesome! I just read the post about Scully and I’m totally hooked. I’m looking forward to plumbing the depths of your site and finding more gems!

    • deecrowseer says:

      Bless you! I’m not sure this blog has much “depth”, but I hope you find something worth reading buried under all my wordy rambling and unnecessary alliteration. Your blog is a real trip (a *good* trip, I mean)… and I love your attitude! :)

  4. Nic Juarez says:

    Hi Dee! I really love your artwork and I was wondering about asking permission to use it. Do you have an email where I can contact you about this?

    • deecrowseer says:

      Hi, Nic! Thanks for your comment, and for following my blog.

      Everyone’s free to repost my doodles on their blog or pinterest or wherever, whenever they like… obviously a credit or back-link would be nice, but I’m always posting other peoples’ photos here without any credits, so I can’t really complain if someone does the same to me! Other than that, I don’t really see what use anyone could have for my artwork… but for what it’s worth, my e-mail is deecrowseer[AT]yahoo.co.uk. I also have a DeviantArt gallery, in case you’re curious.

  5. Chandeep Uppal says:

    Hey Dee,

    So I have a little brother that decided to Google me and show me the results (reading this back I’m realising this sounds like a lie!) and I wanted to say a big thank you for your super complimentary posts about some of my work!

    Much love,

    • deecrowseer says:

      I know it’s highly unlikely that this comment is kosher… but it still cheered me up, so thank you for the boost, whoever you are!
      And Chandeep deserves all the compliments I can pay her… she also deserves more starring roles, of course, but no one was buying the film/TV scripts I was pitching, so that’s out of my hands, sadly…

      • Chandeep Uppal says:

        Lol, well I’m not sure how I can prove it’s kosher but it 100% is so s super, big, massive thanks and best of luck with your writing! xxx

        • deecrowseer says:

          Well, theoretically the real Chandeep could have given this site a plug on her Twitter page as proof… then again, that account’s also unverified, so God only knows! The internet is a world-wide-web of fibbery and confusion…
          That said, thanks for the kind words, and good luck with your acting/parenting, if you are Chandeep… or your trolling/identity-thieving, if you aren’t…

  6. Burrunjor says:

    I like your blog a lot. I found it through a mutual love of Morgana Robinson. Her cameos on Toast of London, and performance as Pippa made me a fan. “Are you for fucking real, I thought you actors were supposed to be fucking hellraisers” I have a lot in common with you it seems, Paloma Faith, Morgana, Michelle Rodriguez The Windsors LOL, so I think I’m going to like it here.

    I also liked your review of Doctor Who season 6. As a big fan it’s nice to see how well the classic stories hold up to a non fan. I’ve always said that Classic Who had better female characters than most other series from round about that time, and it’s nice to see other people agree.

    • Dee CrowSeer says:

      Thank you for your kind words (and all the “Likes”!)

      It’s really a shame so many of Zoe’s “Who” episodes were wiped/lost… I often think if I had access to a time-machine I’d like to nip back and record them (along with Eleanor Bron’s early TV appearances, and all the missing “Wicker Man” footage!)

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