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“Jinx! Give Me Your Vera Wang!”

There aren’t many straight-to-video sequels that manage to surpass their predecessors, but I think we can safely add Another Cinderella Story (2008) to that shortlist, thanks to a shameless, scene-stealing turn by Jane Lynch as the movie’s modern-day “wicked step-mother”, … Continue reading

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Brace Yourself

Last night I watched the first part of the new Shirley Henderson comedy May Contain Nuts. To get her underachieving daughter into a fancy new school, Henderson decides to substitute for her at the vital entrance exam. Realising that the … Continue reading

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Emily Perkins as “Brigitte Fitzgerald”

I know it’s wrong to carry around too many regrets about the past… and it’s even worse when those regrets are about missed purchasing opportunities. But I do have one, and it gnaws at me from time to time. A … Continue reading

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