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Sherlock-U-Don’t-Like: Sad Kitty

Naturally when I read that a new Sherlock Holmes spoof was being derided by critics and audiences alike as the “Worst Picture” of 2018 my (slightly masochistic) curiosity was piqued… but then when I watched the trailer for Holmes & … Continue reading

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Couched But Uncompromised

A couple years back, I wrote quite a dickish post about the Garfunkel And Oates TV series, and their chosen singing style within the context of that sitcom… but since then I’ve become addicted to their albums, and frequently find … Continue reading

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“Diamonds!” “Incest!”

Comedy Central’s satirical-spoof-historical-“reality”-show Another Period returned for a well-deserved second season this week, picking up the various soapy plot threads left dangling at the end of last year’s finale, and re-introducing us to the monstrously self-absorbed Bellacourt family, and their … Continue reading

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For Whom The Custard Bell Tolls

At one time or another I’m sure we’ve all wondered what would happen if someone smooshed The Real Housewives of Wherever together with Upstairs Downstairs… right? Well, wonder no longer, dear reader, because Natasha Leggero and Riki Lindhome have kindly … Continue reading

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