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Alive And Twitching

As Covid-19 plays merry hell with our world, more and more countries are urging their citizens to remain isolated indoors, thereby creating a growing need for fresh “home entertainment”. To help fill that gap (and fight their own fears/boredom, presumably) … Continue reading

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Hallowhine 2019

My Hallowe’en got off to a rather dismal start this year, when the local “Zombie Fest” got cancelled due to crappy weather, and I was reduced to skulking around the dull, undecorated shopping centre/mall, in soggy clothes. Thankfully, that disappointment … Continue reading

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W.T.F. R.L.!?

Having exhausted/thoroughly-enjoyed all of the videos on Jenny Nicholson’s main YouTube channel, I started exploring some of her “deeper cuts”, such as Star-Wars-themed-talk-show Millennial Falcon and “fake fangirl” skit trilogy Con Artists, which have now led to me developing a … Continue reading

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