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He Ain’t Heavy, He’s Mycroft

[Contains novelty turtle costumes and SPOILERS!!!] With many movies and TV shows, the origin story is the boring, exposition-heavy bit you have to grind through so you can get to the fun episodes, where the gang are all off solving … Continue reading

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Sherlock-U-Like: The Woman(s)

[This post contains MAJOR SPOILERS!!! I mean, they’ve already been spoiled on several Wikipedia pages, but even so…] Aside from the seasonal end of various sitcoms, this week also saw the epic feature-length finale of CBS’s sublime crime-procedural Elementary… which … Continue reading

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Sherlock-U-Like: Joan As Police Consultant

[Contains sleuthy, violin-eschewing SPOILERS] Back in 2010, I was whining about the fact that no one had tried hooking Sherlock Holmes up with a female Watson, since cult 70s fave They Might Be Giants. Little did I know that just two … Continue reading

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