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Although the reviews for Southwark Playhouse’s all-female production of Cyrano de Bergerac have been rather mixed (to put it politely), there was plenty praise for Kathryn Hunter‘s performance in the title role, and several critics also singled out her co-star Ellie Kendrick: … Continue reading

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Snowy Siblings?

Believe it or not, I’ve honestly been trying to pace myself when it comes to obsessing over Ellie Kendrick, and was hoping to go a couple more posts before mentioning her again… but then someone went and asked her about the popular Game of Thrones … Continue reading

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Institutional Cynicism

[Contains strategically-placed confetti-bombs and SPOILERS!!!] I was looking for something sappy to watch on Valentine’s Night, and settled on Cheerful Weather for the Wedding (2012), after its title and IMDb categorisation lulled me into expecting a jolly period rom-com… only to … Continue reading

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Now that we’re knee-deep into Valentine’s Month, I’ve decided to distract myself from the howling vortex of loneliness by contemplating which fictional lady-person I’d most like to go on a date with. Fun? Of course, I’m still crushing pretty heavily … Continue reading

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“I Can Feel It In Me Nutsack…”

[Contains sex-bags-of-shame and SPOILERS!!!] I’ve now finished watching the fifth/final “season” of Misfits (2013), and my feelings about the previous batch apply equally here… i.e., it was nowhere near as funny/smart/etcetera as the first season, but even the worst episodes … Continue reading

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“We Must Stay Cheerful!”

I was still wavering over whether or not to watch the BBC’s 2009 dramatisation of The Diary of Anne Frank, even as I was placing the DVD into the disc-tray. On the one hand, I’m keen to watch as much … Continue reading

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Additional Excellience:

Here, if proof be need be, is a photo of me and the adorable Ellie Kendrick at Bournemouth Film & Comic Con, Saturday before last. After reading a couple blog posts about proper convention etiquette, I’d like to reiterate that she … Continue reading

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