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Goth-Watch: Enchantress

[Contains grassy bath-tubs and SPOILERS!!!] I was trying to keep my previous rant about Suicide Squad (2016) as Harley-centric as possible, so I didn’t get around to discussing any of the other female characters… which is a shame because for … Continue reading

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Harley-volution (Pt. 5)

[Continuing my compulsive cataloguing of Harley Quinn‘s various on-screen appearances, in (roughly) chronological order. Contains good-night-sticks and SPOILERS!!!] Sigh… when I embarked on this fool’s errand, almost a year ago now, I naively assumed that the big shiny Suicide Squad … Continue reading

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Quinnesis (Pt. 1)

[Contains smiley seafood and SPOILERS!!!] Later this year DC’s beloved villainess/anti-heroine ‘Harley Quinn’ will be somersaulting onto the silver screen via a Suicide Squad comic book adaptation, and the internet is already awash with appetite-whetting trailers and promo pics of … Continue reading

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